Sakara Birdsong

Sakara Birdsong (b. 1991) is a native Californian artist specializing in Polaroid and Film Photography. Drawing inspiration from her personal understanding of mental health, she brings to life the trauma that we have buried within the subconscious spirit. Her work encapsulates the duality if surrealism through visually abstract but precise pieces along with the notion of freedom from the stigma of mental health through providing an outlet and space to digest and understand the inner parts of ourselves. Her motive is simply to provide the spark that stimulates the discussion and allow those who are so moved to feel unburdened in their desire to understand not only their own perception of the mind but to find solace through solidarity. She specifically enjoys film because it further exemplifies the ideal of 'bare and fleeting' People are prone to show their true burdens if but for a moment and when it is all laid out, what they carry with them matters less than the flesh they hold. So in turn, we are all bare and our true black and white selves are captured but only for a moment.